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Super Glue in tube
Super Glue in tube

Product description: Super glue is a single-component cyanoacrylate monomer in the liquid state, capable of extremely rapid polymerization between adherent surfaces, result in extremely strong and structural bonds at room temperature.

This instant adhesive will, with only normal surface preparation, bond all materials commonly used in the engineering industry, except polyethylene. Polypropylene, Teflon, and very porous surfaces, which require special treatment.



Be sure both surfaces are clean and dry. Apply with extreme care. Never spread with fingers. Apply one drop for each 3 c area. Apply to only one of the surface, quickly place two surfaces together with slight finger pressure.

Bond is completed in seconds, or, depending on material in about one minute, leave for 24 hours for strongest bond.

Clean away all excess adhesive from container with tis-sue paper. Keep out of reach of children, in cool dry place.


Specification:3g*1pc, 3g*2pcs, 3g*4pcs, 3g*5pcs, 3g*6pcs, 3g*7pcs, 3g * 12pcs,


To open tube:

1. Unscrew entire nozzle & cap unit.

2. Reverse cap and place pointed end on top of tube. Point tube away from face, Press to puncture. Do not SQEEZE TUBE WHILE PUNCTURING. After puncture is made, replace nozzle & cap.

3. Unscrew outer cap only and apply sparingly. Clean tip after each use.



Warning: Keep out of reach of children:

Adhesive will stick to skin very quickly, when using, be sure it does not come into contact with fingers, do not try to pull it off. Soak fingers in warm water and work off Nail polish remover may also be used. If adhesive get in eye, wash eye with quantities of plain water, do not try to remove by rubbing or applying solvents, in case of pain or discomfort, consult a doctor.


Bond for home uses:

For mending dishes and household articles, tables, chairs, bureaus and other articles of furniture, fishing tackle and other sports equipment, or for use on metal, leather or paper.